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Meet the bride who didn’t want to hide

Name: Amelia Woolgar

Age: 27

Height: 157.5cm

Start weight: 77kg

Current weight: 53kg

Total weight lost: 24kg

“My mum and I have both always battled with our weight. I have been constantly yo-yoing since I met my husband, Stuart, in May 2012.

“We began spending a lot of time together and he cooked for me a lot. I appreciated this greatly as the meals were delicious but didn’t really notice the portion sizes were huge.

“This was fine for him, he was active and went to the gym very regularly and although I had an active job as a barmaid at the time, my metabolism wasn’t anywhere near his.

“When I did finally notice, through the wonder that is tagged photos on Facebook, I tried calorie counting, exercising more, cutting portion sizes, a low-carb diet, the lot but I could only get down to just over 67kg which, for my height, still wasn’t ideal and I was starving myself to try and stay there. “I soon found myself struggling more and more to squeeze into my clothes as the weight crept back on.

“Fast forward to July 2016 and my mum and I went on our annual mummy-daughter trip, this time, shopping in Bath. Whenever we went into clothes shops, I felt like a whale, nothing I liked would look right and my usual sizes wouldn’t fit. I burst into tears and knew that I needed to do something, and mum wanted to do something for us both.

“I remembered I had liked a Facebook page belonging to my friend’s mum, who is a consultant for Cambridge Weight Plan. I showed mum, did some Googling and we decided to message her and arrange to meet up the day after we got back. We spent the night scrolling through Instagram, amazed by the results! My, oh, my. There are some absolutely fantastic and inspirational people on there, all encouraging and supporting each other.

“Although you can have home visits from Consultants, there was just something wonderful about going to Sue’s home, and seeing the passion she has for the Plan. We were met with a set of scales, a tape measure and a wall of products, and so the journey began.

“I was weighed and could have cried, but I knew this was the beginning of a journey and I would never ever see that number on the scales again.

“Thanks to the support of our UK Consultant Sue Wilcock, we both reached our goal weights just over six months after we started.

“The Plan has been fantastic and the community is incredible, we even set up our own joint Instagram account to update people on our progress and give meal ideas, as well as make friends. “I hadn’t really thought about how my weight would affect me on my wedding day.

“I had bought my dress when I was on the lower end of my weight loss before, which was around 67kg and knew I wanted to lose some. “It wasn’t until I started The 1:1 Diet and learned more about how to eat well and change my lifestyle, I realised how fabulous I can feel. “I picked my dress up at the end of February and when we took it to the seamstress, she thought the shop had ordered the wrong size! There was so much excess material and she had to take it in a lot.

“I felt more beautiful than I could ever have imagined on my wedding day on 12th May, 2017, and it’s all thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan.

“My mum also managed to find a beautiful outfit which she would never have touched before losing weight on the Plan. We are both completely different, more confident people!”

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