Consultant FAQ

Everything you need to know about the Consultant relationship, and how to become a Consultant can be found here.

Consultant FAQ

There is no Consultant near me, what do I do?

We offer a virtual remote consulting service to slimmers who are more than 100km from their nearest consultant or if we currently do not have a consultant in that city. Virtual consultation can be done via phone/text, email, Skype or Facetime. Regular support is very important for weight loss motivation and weight loss maintenance.

Do I have to see the Consultant closest to me?

You can select whichever Consultant you wish in your locality, although it would be more practical for you to visit the Consultant closest to you.

What should I expect from my Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant?

Your accredited Independent Cambridge Consultant is there to offer advice on the Cambridge Weight Plan programmes available to you and to encourage you to maintain your new weight. Most of our Consultants have used the Cambridge Weight Plan themselves, so their experience can help you to succeed, exceptions include health professionals who may have used the products and/or helped many Slimmers achieve their weight loss goal and maintenance. In New Zealand, Cambridge Consultants are independent and self-employed. Nevertheless, they have all been trained and accredited by us and they all agree to follow our Code of Conduct which covers all aspects of a Consultant’s activity. The Code of Conduct provides clear guidelines for Cambridge Consultants and: - Ensures that customers know what level of service to expect - Outlines the minimum acceptable standards of Consulting - Ensures correct, responsible and safe practices.

What happens at my first appointment with a Consultant?

Your Consultant must conduct a screening interview and complete a Personal Record Form (PRF) with you before supplying any products. (If you return after an interval of six months or more, they will complete a new PRF for you). Your Consultant will keep track of your progress at each visit on your PRF. Consultants will keep your record confidential and safe at all times. You will be advised to see your doctor before starting the programme and you must sign the PRF to confirm you have been given such advice. At the first meeting, your Consultant will weigh and measure you and then discuss an appropriate target weight with you. Your Consultant will explain that every weight loss plan has four stages: Preparation, Weight loss, Stabilisation and Maintenance. They will explain all the Cambridge Weight Plan Steps and then, after discussing your personal circumstances, your Consultant will recommend the appropriate Step to start on. Consultants will provide you with a copy of the Cambridge Steps Plan booklet to help guide you through the plan and support you throughout the weight loss and weight management process. As you progress towards your target weight your Consultant will recommend a change of Step. Even when you reach your target, you should continue to see your Consultant until you are confident that your new weight is being successfully maintained.

How often will I have contact with my Cambridge Consultant?

Your Consultant may contact you on day two or three of your programme to see how you are getting on. Your Consultant should arrange to see you on a weekly/fortnight basis to weigh, measure and check your progress before providing further products.

I don't like/get on with/had a falling out with my Consultant, can I see a different one?

Yes, you have the right to visit a different Consultant, although we would prefer to try and resolve your complaint with your Consultant together, to avoid the inconvenience of you having to travel further than you need to for support. If you believe your dispute cannot be resolved directly with your Consultant, you can contact us on our Contact page.

I'd like to give some feedback about my Consultant, how can I do this?

Consultants are always delighted to received positive feedback from their clients, especially in the form of a testimonial. There are several ways you can do this. We have a Facebook page and contact us via website ( on which you can post your feedback about your Consultant, if you would like to promote how great their support was or you can email us.

What sort of training does my Cambridge Consultant have?

Your Cambridge Consultant is trained to provide you with motivational support during your weight loss. They undertake training regarding the nutritional composition of the products, along with product and program knowledge. All Consultants have first-hand experience of using the Cambridge Weight Plan products and attend our in-house training program at our Auckland Head Office. Following training they complete further development modules from home.

Is my Consultant a Dietitian or Nutritionist?

Some Consultants may be health practitioners, such as GP’s, nurses, Dietitians, Nutritionist, Occupational Therpists, Physios or Psychologists. We will be conducting further Health Professional training in 2018 for both 'Accredited Consultants' and 'Expert Advisory' role. If you are a Health Professional and would like to know more about this, please contact us via the contact page and subscribe for up-to-date newsletters. Referrals can be made from Health Professionals or we also accept self referrals, see Referrals form

How do I qualify to become a Consultant?

To qualify for training as a CWP Consultant you should have successfully lost weight and completed all the stages of the programme from Preparation to Stabilisation and Maintenance. Before applying to be a Consultant, you should have three Slimmers you would like to start on the programme. Exceptions are health professionals (if trained as Expert Advisor). This is because you have the experience of the range of programmes and products that we offer and have an appreciation of the role of the Consultant and the Cambridge Weight Plan. This enables you to empathise with your clients and understand the emotional journey that he/she has been on whilst losing weight – as you have been on it too. In addition to this, you would normally be nominated by your Consultant to train as they are best informed as to your ability to become a Consultant after having supported you throughout your weight loss.

What skills and qualities are expected of a good Consultant?

Skills and qualities include People skills - Good listener and communicator - Professional and punctual - Supportive and motivational - Confident and friendly manner - Interested in weight management Business skills - Well organised - Good at planning - Strong sales skills - Focused/determined to develop a successful business

What are the benefits of becoming a Consultant?

There are many benefits, but perhaps the first thing to ask yourself is what is important to you? - Freedom and flexibility - More time with your family - Being debt free - Having savings for your retirement - Helping others - Holidays and travel You could achieve all of this and so much more by becoming an Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant. Becoming a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant is a simple process with minimal set-up costs and uncapped earnings potential. Because Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants are independent, this means you will have the flexibility to choose how you run your business – you may just want to run it on a part-time basis alongside other commitments or employment, to supplement your family income, or to help a few others experience what you have achieved. You may want to embark on a new full-time career and drive your Cambridge Weight Plan business forward – it really is your choice. It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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