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This Year's Categories

Woman of the Year

This award goes to the woman who’s done it all. Think huge transformation, a life-changing weight loss, and a healthier attitude to food. Not only that, she’s discovered a new zest of life, becoming an inspiration and icon to all those who want to follow in her footsteps. 

Man of the Year

This award goes to the man who’s not only lost a life-changing amount of weight, but who’s also discovered a new passion for life, becoming an inspiration and guide to all who’ve followed his journey. From big physical transformation to a new and healthier approach to food, this is our man of the moment. 

Maintainer of the Year

Lost the weight and kept it off for more than two years? This one’s for you. A story of how you’ve proven time, and time again, that you’ve not only transformed the way you look but the way you live your life too. This award goes to those who recognise that The 1:1 Diet is a lifestyle change, and that only through motivation and dedication you’ll make a transformation that lasts a lifetime. 

Transformation of the Year (Woman’s Own Readers Voted Award)

This award goes to the person who’s truly overhauled their life. It could be that you’ve found love since losing weight, and are now planning the wedding of your dreams. Or maybe your newly discovered confidence landed you an amazing job, doing something you could’ve only ever imagined before The 1:1 Diet. It’s an award that’s all about celebrating life’s big, and sometimes small, wins. 

The Wellbeing Award

This award is for the person who’s not only changed the way they look, but also embraced wellness and transformed their health. Maybe you’ve been able to reverse your type-2 diabetes, and feel healthier than you have in years. Or is it a more personal story, one where you’ve been able to successfully grow your family after years of fertility issues? Whatever your journey, it’s time to celebrate how much you’ve achieved. 

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