Possible Side Effects FAQ

All weight loss programs have some side effects, you may or may not experience them – but if you do, in this section you will find out what to expect and why it may happen.

Possible Side Effects FAQ

I notice a tendency towards bad breath. Why is this?

Bad breath can occur and is often made worse by not drinking enough fluid. Use a mouthwash, carry a mouth spray with you or drink some water. Your breath will soon be fresh again.

Why do I feel cold on the Cambridge Weight Plan Step 1 programme?

This is almost certainly due to a reduced thermogenic response to a reduced food intake. Large meals cause the body to generate a lot of body heat, while smaller meals produce less heat. Individuals differ widely in their thermogenic response. Your hands and feet may feel particularly cold – this is a normal response. Your body is trying to conserve heat and energy due to the reduced calorie intake. Other factors that influence body heat production include the slight reduction in metabolic rate, which always happens during weight loss and, of course, the loss of insulating fat! Those who are sensitive to the cold need to move around more and wrap up warmly – many light layers are more effective than a single heavy layer.

Is it normal to get constipated after starting Cambridge Weight Plan?

Less frequent bowel movements may occur because Cambridge Weight Plan products are not as bulky as normal food. To combat this, keep well hydrated and drink at least 2.25 litres of fluid daily in addition to the water used to mix your products. If you have previously suffered with constipation, let your Consultant know before you start. Adding fibre to your shakes/porridge from day one may help avoid constipation.

I have been on Cambridge Weight Plan for two weeks and am getting cramp in my legs. Is the diet causing this?

Leg Cramps may be experienced in the initial stages of Step 1. They are caused by the increased movement of fluid in the body’s tissues as water shifts and your sodium levels change or lack of fluid intake. If your symptoms persist, please consult your GP or pharmacist. Your Consultant will be able to advise you further on this.

Just after starting Cambridge Weight Plan I suffered from diarrhoea. Why is this?

This is a minor problem and is considered a possible transient effect that will last for only a short time. Some people have systems that are not used to the mineral content in the Cambridge Weight Plan products. It is a good idea to drink an extra glass of water at the same time as having a Cambridge Weight Plan product. This will help dilute the effect of the minerals in the body. It may be advisable to consume the Cambridge Weight Plan in the form of half portions (6-8 half portions per day) initially to dilute the mineral intake. Another possible cause of continued diarrhoea is lactose intolerance. Some people cannot digest the lactose in milk products and diarrhoea can occur. If this is the case, we have a range of lactose-free products that could be used instead. If you have diarrhoea, which has lasted longer than the first few days of the Plan, you should seek medical advice from your GP.

I have lost 19kg on the Step 1 and am now experiencing some hair loss. Is this due to the Cambridge Weight Plan?

Hair loss as a generalised thinning of the hair across the head, can be associated with weight loss. Moving up the step may solve this issue. The thinning can occur during and sometimes after the weight loss phase. Weight loss is not the only reason for hair thinning and we would therefore recommend you seek medical advice from your GP if you are concerned.

Why do I get a headache on Step 1?

Occasionally, during the initial few days, a person may experience carbohydrate or caffeine withdrawal and may develop a headache. This is a temporary side effect and should be tolerated where possible. You may find a simple painkiller such as paracetamol may help. Insufficient fluid intake could also cause mild dehydration and an ensuing headache. Ensure that you are drinking the recommended amount of water and reduce caffeine intake slowly.

Do Cambridge Weight Plan programmes affect the menstrual cycle?

Hormone levels fluctuate when there are changes in weight – particularly in women. Rapid weight loss may temporarily affect the menstrual cycle. Ovulation, however, is probably not interrupted.
In most cases the menstrual cycle remains unchanged but for some women, breakthrough bleeding or heavier periods may occur. Others may find that their periods stop for a while. Fertility may also be affected, therefore if you have been trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant, you need to be aware that during and after weight loss, fertility may increase. The metabolism of hormonal contraceptives may be affected during effective weight loss and so we recommend additional methods of contraception if you do not wish to fall pregnant while on a programme.

When I start Cambridge Weight Plan I feel nauseous. Is this normal?

During the first 1-2 weeks, some people are more sensitive to the high concentration of minerals and vitamins in the products. Often a full glass of water before or following consumption of a product may eliminate nausea by diluting the effects of the minerals. Another option would be to have your Cambridge Weight Plan sachets as 6-8 half portions, which would split the mineral content you have each time.

I have developed a rash. Am I allergic to Cambridge Weight plan?

Skin rashes can be caused by any number of things. However, just occasionally, there may be something in the formula of the Cambridge Weight Plan products to which someone has an allergic reaction (see allergies list). If a rash occurs while using Cambridge Weight Plan you should stop the Plan straight away. If the rash fails to settle or progresses, then seek medical advice. When the rash has subsided, if you wish to restart seek advice from your Cambridge Consultant on how to do this. Food allergies should be properly investigated and allergen-free diets should be based on sound scientific tests.

Why am I having trouble getting the normal amount of sleep?

It is not uncommon for a person to require less sleep when they lose weight. There are many cases where people thought that they required nine or 10 hours of sleep per night, only to find that when they lost weight their sleep requirement dropped considerably. Having an extra hour or two awake each day may be a pleasant side effect of Cambridge Weight Plan.

I sometimes feel thirsty. Is this normal?

It is normal to experience thirst on occasions during weight loss. The solution is simple; drink more liquids. We recommend that users of any Cambridge Weight Plan programme drink 2.25 litres of water each day. There is probably very little benefit to be gained from consuming more than double our recommendation of water intake, unless it is very hot (excess water losses).

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