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What our customers say...

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what our customers say about their experience with Cambridge Weight Plan…

Anna D.

I found my Cambridge Weight Plan journey easy when I got my head into gear, and the Steps are so easy to follow. I think the support of the Consultant is one of the main aspects that makes this plan work, as you are accountable to someone other than yourself!

Tracy W.

I was pleased with the weight loss and also the inches I lost, it's the only diet that has worked for me. Having a Consultant really helped. She was there all the time for support, knowing I was seeing her and getting weighed every week made me stick to Plan.

Matthew W.

It hasn't been without its challenges, but I can honestly say it's the only weight-loss Plan that has given initial and ongoing success in my adult life.

Louise M.

The support from my Consultant was invaluable. She supported and guided me every step of the way and really helped me stick to the Plan. I doubt I would have been so successful without her.

Jane S.

Knowing what I could eat every day was what I needed. When you've struggled with your weight for many years, like me, the discipline of Cambridge Weight Plan was a breath of fresh air. My Consultant was invaluable - she kept me on the straight and narrow when I felt tempted, and kept my mind on the life changing goal I was working towards.

Deborah P.

I would describe my journey with Cambridge Weight Plan as straight forward and simple. The programme and Steps are so easy to follow. The support from my Consultant was extremely important in my weight-loss journey. She kept me motivated the whole time and is still a great support to me now.

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