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Living the best life

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Fiona is living the best life with a healthy weight and a new successful career.

Name: Fiona Lyons, Champion Award Winner 2019

Age: 33

Start weight: 135kg, dress size 20

Current weight: 99kg, dress size 14

Height: 1.8m

Weight lost: 35kg

I was sick and tired of always being the big friend. At 1.8 metres tall, I just wanted to be the tall friend, not the big friend. I was tired of always hiding in the back of photos, strategically placing small friends in front of me to hide behind. I was always the one behind the camera taking the photos and shying away from mine being taken. People used to say ‘you’re so lucky being tall! You hide your weight so well’. That was possibly the worst thing that could be said to me. Not that I ever believed them, but it would put my mind at rest and I’d think ‘oh it’s OK, I can deal with my weight another day’.

The truth of the matter is I was too big to exercise. When I did muster up the energy and confidence to go to the gym or go for a walk, I would always come away with a small injury. I injured my knee by squatting down. How bad is that! Feeling like (as I would call myself) ‘a unit’ and depressed I couldn’t enjoy my life with friends and family. I decided to find me. I knew I was in there deep, deep down, I simply had to find the strength and determination to go and get her.

I tried what I thought would be the easy and quick fix. I booked a gastric band consultation. I was so excited to find out how it worked and the benefits it had and the amazing impact it would have on my life. I sat in front of the consultant and he gave me all the horror stories of how the band is no longer the right way to go. He explained to me how the sleeve was the new way forward. He divulged how they would remove the majority of my stomach. I sat there realising this was not for me. Once it’s gone you can’t get it back. I power walked my rather large behind out of the consultant’s office with pure determination, thinking ‘I can do this myself without surgery’. That night I contacted Cambridge Weight Plan, and arranged my consultation for the very next day. That was the best phone call I have ever made and was the day I decided to find me! Not only with Denise’s support and friendship I have lost 35kg. I’m living my best life more than I could have imagined. I’m now loving helping others to reach their goals and dreams.

Even today I could list a million reasons to give up and give in to cravings and comfort eating. But the reason for not giving up and keeping the faith in myself are worth so much more to me and my life.”

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