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Success Story: SJ Strum

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

SJ Strum has more than 36k subscribers to her YouTube channel, and has inspired many of you to give The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan a try…

Name: SJ Strum Age: 37 Height: 163cm Start size: 16 Current size: 8-10 Total weight loss: 26kg


What was your motivation for losing weight?

My third baby was 11 months old when I started The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan; it had been a really emotional first year as she’d suffered colic and had then had a seizure at home which led to her being in hospital for a while; we’d relocated, I’d decided not to go back to work after maternity leave and I just felt very ‘lost’ and unhappy. I needed to do something really positive just for myself; so I decided to try to lose weight as I’d been more and more self-critical as time went on and the ‘baby weight’ hadn’t shifted. I knew it would be good for me physically and also mentally.

Where did you first hear about the diet?

My mum had tried it and lost 25kg, spurring her on to become a Consultant so I was her first client.

Were there any initial reservations about going on Plan?

I was nervous to tell people about what diet I was doing as I felt it had some ‘stigma’ as being ‘just shakes’. But I found the opposite, and started talking about it on my YouTube Channel to overwhelming positive support; everyone saw how happy it was making me to take control over my eating and weight, and they cheered me on. I shared my weigh-in every Saturday and people started the Plan alongside me which really motivated me.


You’re a Vlogger, what did your audience think about your diet?

Everyone noticed my weight right away; I first spoke about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan when I’d lost a stone (6.2kg) in three weeks and had so many lovely comments and texts from friends asking me to get them started! I speak a lot about body positivity and the emotional side of weight loss. So many women relate to how it feels when you don’t recognise your body after having a baby, how the loneliness of motherhood can lead to overeating and how your weight can affect your mental health. They’ve come on the journey with me and cheered me on seeing how much happier and in control I am as I shared each milestone loss, reaching four stone overall. I hope the biggest message they take away is to remember that your own happiness is important. And if your weight is making you unhappy; that means it’s also important. We have so much love as parents, and it’s amazing how much happens when you turn a little bit of that love back onto yourself.

You’re a big advocate of The 1:1 Diet, how often do you get contacted about it?

I get so many messages about The 1:1 Diet! This week I’ve had over 70 online messages, as well as three people in my everyday life who have recently started the diet after seeing my results. It’s crazy as I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be someone else’s weight-loss inspiration. It makes me really happy that I shared my weight-loss journey, even though I still get a little awkward talking about my weight.

How easy was it to adapt the Plan to your lifestyle?

With three kids we have a really busy routine, so it totally fitted in. Breakfast was quick and simple, I took a bar with me to playgroups, had pasta after the school pick-up, and my evening meal with my husband, who was more than happy to make his own meals. I really enjoyed the positive ‘swaps’ from a few biscuits at playgroup to a diet bar. Also, stopping bad eating habits like grazing all day on the kid’s food then over-eating once they were in bed as I finally got time to myself. It felt great to be in control of food and eating. Especially to regulate my energy levels which were all over the place before the diet, as I’d go hours without eating then eat loads in one go.

How important did you feel the one-to-one support was?

Really important; particularly that first week as I was forming new habits and had so many questions! Also, having someone to talk endlessly about your weight to when those closest to you aren’t really as enthusiastic about the topic.

How do you feel now since losing weight?

I have a lot more self-belief; I set out to achieve something and I did it – and it wasn’t hard at all once I got started. It’s inspired me to try so many new things like starting to drive again, buying more fashionable clothes and giving me confidence around new people. I feel now that if I set my mind to it – I can achieve anything.

Do you have any tips on how to stay focused whilst on Plan?

Don’t focus only on the scales/inches – focus on working towards a happier you; it’s so motivating to say to yourself; I deserve this and I can achieve it. Often it’s the voices in our own minds saying ‘does it really matter if I eat this bag of crisps?’ and I turned that into saying ‘does my happiness really matter?’ Once I had that mind shift I never faltered.

Do you have any tips on maintaining weight loss?

I’ve maintained for nearly a year now, I’ve made the scales my friend and find hopping on every morning keeps me motivated. I also still enjoy all my non-scale victories; looking forward to every swimming trip and shopping trip makes me so happy.

What would you say to anyone thinking of starting The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan?

The only hard thing about this diet is starting; once you’ve made that first meeting and got your products it’s amazing as the results happen so quickly. The #One2OneDietChallenge is also really motivating so plan this as a huge treat to yourself, not a denial, and you’ll never look back.

Find SJ on Instagram.

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