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NZ Slimmer of the Year Finalist: Richard Price


My name is Richard Price, 45 year old Kiwi IT consultant. 

I have been overweight for about 15 years. The impact of this weight really became noticable in the past 5 years with being tired, unmotivated and depressed.  I would sleep alot and still feel tired, no energy with worsening gut health. Previously I have tried the usual attempts to eat more healthy but no formal weight loss programme. I did not have any motivation to stick to any plan and low self control.

What led you to choose Cambridge Weight Plan?

It was a recommendation from my GP. With the worsen digestive issues and the tiredness, my GP recommended seeing a colleague to start on Cambridge Weight Plan. The GP suspected sleep apnoea could be the cause of my poor sleep and low energy die to being overweight.

What was different about Cambridge Weight Plan compared to other weight loss methods you have tried?

The two main things were having someone who helped me set realistic goals and kept me accountable and the second was the meals, they tasted great and were dairy free. I procrastinated alot and have low self control so I needed someone that I could feel accountable to on a regular basis. Without this, I would have failed. I am also a creature of habit so the meals and the regular consultation formed into a routine and helped the journey to normalise the new outlook on food and exercise.

How did being overweight impact your life?

A lot of this stemed from the loss of my wife back in 2015 after a long fight with Huntington's Disease. I withdrew and was not looking after myself.

Did you have any health issues due to your weight previously?

I had bad reflux, blotting and lose bowls before I went on the plan and this has now gone. The other issue was the constant tiredness and lack of energy even though I was sleeping a lot.


Starting weight: 90.6kg

Final weight: 77.0kg, BMI: 27.6

Weight loss: 13.6kg 

Since the weight loss, my bad reflux, bloating, loose bowels and constant tiredness have gone.  I no longer require the daily dose of anti-acid and immodium.  I now have more energy and my sleep apnoea is resolved meaning that I feel alot better after a good nights sleep.

I would highly recommend the Cambridge Weight Plan as it has changed my life for the better. Without the help of my consultant, I would not have stuck with the plan. Plain and simple. An added benefit was that the meals tasted great especialy the shakes and they were dairy free. Without that I would have found it difficult to stay withe plan in the early stages. Now that I have gone through the CWP I have learnt how to eat better and I have got back into the routine of looking after my body.

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