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NZ Slimmer of the Year Finalist: Sharon Pikaahu


My name is Sharon Pikaahu, 49 year old hairdresser, married and mum to 4 children and nan to 1.  I have been overweight for about 20 years. The impact of this weight has had a negative effect on me. I have tried many weight loss methods in the past.

What led you to choose Cambridge Weight Plan?

I saw the amazing results from Pippa Chard (2018 NZ SOY winner) who is such an inspiration.

What was different about Cambridge Weight Plan compared to other weight loss methods you have tried?

The CWP products are AMAZING. They taste so good. I am the tetra pack queen, they are so convenient and the bars satisfy the chocolate craving. No more fizzy for us as we are using the Pineapple water flavouring for our drink now. My consultant, Dr Lalita Jefferies (my angel in disguise) is an amazing supportive lady. Having the 1:1 support was super helpful. She was a text or email away. She always had great advice.

How did being overweight impact your life?

I lost all my confidence. I avoided having my photo taken and attending functions because of low self esteem. I hated clothes shopping and looking in the mirror. I wondered who stole my body. I cried tears of joy recently when I fitted a size 14, after being size 22 for so long.

Did you have any health issues due to your weight previously?

My ankle, knees and back constantly hurt.


Starting weight: 91.8kg

Final weight: 71.5kg, BMI: 28.0

Weight loss: 20.3kg 

Since the weight loss, my ankles, knees and back no longer hurt.  I can now walk for an hour, stand all day at work pain free.  My dad has lost 11kg also.  He is awaiting a back operation so this weight loss is a great help. 

I would recommend Cambridge Weight Plan to anyone and everyone. It is a weight loss programme that works. Easy to follow with great support and results. Cambridge Weight Plan has changed my life.

I feel like ME again - fitter, healthier and ready to take on the world.

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