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Ellie Killeen

Name: Ellie Killeen Age: 25 Height: 170cm Total weight loss: 35.8kg

“Last year I was the heaviest I have ever been – 102.4kg. I was so ashamed of how I looked that I would avoid any social events. I didn’t even like people coming to my house because I would always be in my pyjamas; they were the only clothes that fitted me.

“My turning point came when I had to buy a size 24 rain mac before my snowboarding holiday – I vowed that enough was enough.

“I tried loads of other diets before but nothing seemed to work. I tried various weight-loss support groups but I would never get the support I needed. Weight loss is a very personal and difficult thing; the last thing you need is being rushed on and off scales in a room full of people who can see when you haven’t had a good week.

“I also found that, in group sessions, I never got the support I needed. If I was having a bad week I’d have to share my problems in a room full of strangers. Within the groups there would always be people who were more vocal than others, so you would spend the whole meeting listening to everyone else and not solving your own weight issues. Although the group sessions are supposed to create a support group where you all encourage each other to succeed in losing weight, it just felt like a competition.

“I discovered Cambridge Weight Plan after I saw a girl at work gain incredible results, so she introduced me to her Consultant, Deborah Parrin.

“Debbie gave me the support I needed from our very first meeting. She went through all my issues and dedicated time to really get know my weight-loss goals.

“Debbie would text me mid-week to see how I was getting on and if I needed any help. Knowing that she was always there when I needed her made me feel more in control of my weight.

“Thanks to Debbie’s help, I found the Plan very easy to stick to and the weight fell off. If there were weeks when I knew I had social events coming up, she would sit down with me and adapt the Plan to fit around my life.

“When I tried weight-loss support groups, I would not attend if I knew I had a bad week and hadn’t lost weight. But with Cambridge Weight Plan, I never missed a week because I knew that if I had a bad week, I could talk it over with Debbie and she would get me back on track.

“I’ve lost over 31.7kg and I feel amazing! I no longer avoid social events and have the confidence to say yes to things I never used to do.

“I am now a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant because I am so passionate about the Products and the Plan. I want to give the same support to people that Debbie gave to me so I can help change people’s lives.”

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