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Pia Gretton-Ost

Name: Pia Gretton-Ost Age: 29 Height: 160 cm Start weight: 84kg Current weight: 66kg Total weight loss: 18kg

Serial dieter, Pia, had tried many different weight-loss methods before her GP warned her she was at risk of diabetes if she didn’t slim down.

So when her partner, Andy, proposed she knew something had to be done.

“My weight has always fluctuated and I used excessive exercise to keep it in check, not paying any attention to what I was eating.

“I was known as ‘the dustbin’ and my family would say ‘don’t worry, Pia will finish it off’. When I started to knuckle down with school and my job, I found myself slowly getting bigger and bigger as I was no longer doing a lot of exercise, but my diet had not changed and if anything, had got worse.

“I was in denial about my weight. I didn’t look at myself in long mirrors and just bought stretchy clothing.”

Pia had tried many well-known diets, but none had worked for her.

“The realisation hit for the second time when my doctor told me I was at risk of diabetes and my dentist told me I had to stop eating sugar or I would need more and more fillings.

“I knew something had to be done as I didn’t want to look back at our big day and see the ‘the dustbin’. Andy and I went to a wedding fair and bumped into a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

“I kept saying under my breath, ‘don’t you dare talk to me. I know I’m a bit tubby but that’s just rude. I don’t want to be insulted’.

“However, in reality I knew I needed an intervention. Anyway, the lady got our attention and was telling us about what it entailed.

“We contacted CWP Consultants Steve Amey and Angie Bond, and have never looked back. With the wedding coming up we have been very focused on not being fat for our photos, but also generally for our own well-being.”

Pia lost 12kg on Step 1 in around eight weeks and the weight loss kept her motivated.

Since reaching her target weight, Pia has worn shorts… something she hadn’t done outside her house since she was a child. She also finds more energy and confidence to do daily tasks.

“I have more stamina with the sports I take part in and have the confidence I had when I was younger.

“I am happier and more energetic. I now have a healthier relationship with food and don’t use food as a reward for having a bad day or a treat for when I think I deserve it.

“Doing Cambridge Weight Plan has completely changed my life.”

“All my family and friends have been shocked and surprised at the dramatic change and most of them want to do the same. I get a buzz every time I see someone that’s hasn’t seen me for a while and they complement me on how I look.

“The big ‘ta-da’ moment was when Steve and Angie gave me a ribbon to show me how big I was when I started. I had lost 16.5 cm off my waist! Wow!

“The absolute best feeling though, was going to the seamstress who has had to take my size 16 wedding dress into a size 10, and seeing myself for the first time in a full-length mirror. We got married on 23rd September 2017 and it was the best day of my life. Not only was I NOT a FAT bride but I felt confident in my figure hugging dress, and loved being with all the people I care about on such a perfect day.”

If you need some motivation or a kick-start to your weight-loss journey, join our #CWP60Day Challenge on Instagram– you might be surprised at how much you could lose in 60 days!

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