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Amanda De'Ath

Age: 54

Height: 183 cm

Start weight: 133.7 kg

Current weight: 89 kg

Total lost: 46.6 kg


“I began putting weight on 21 years ago when I got married. Pure contentment and happy married life meant we would eat whenever and whatever we wanted. However, I put most of my weight on when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010. I was rushed into having a mastectomy two months later in the December and, once I recovered from the operation, I began a course of chemotherapy then radiotherapy.

“As the treatments went on, I was in a constant state of tiredness and lethargy and my weight sky rocketed and I ballooned to 133 kg! I looked like Mr Blobby, I was always sweaty, and I just felt unattractive. It all began to take its toll on me and I stopped exercising and taking care of myself

“Because of the cancer, I kept thinking to myself ‘I could be dead tomorrow’ so I would treat myself to that chocolate bar. But then it tuned in to a daily ritual, and then became four chocolate bars a day. I thought I was enjoying life by treating myself with food.

“However, I was far from enjoying life. Both my partner and I had been diagnosed with depression and were receiving counselling. I continued to comfort eat and I never seemed to be full. My portions were massive and I would finish the kids’ meals as well.

“I began to think about losing weight during a shopping trip with my two beautiful daughters. I realised that I couldn’t shop with them in the ‘normal’ shops they wanted to go in. It made me feel horrid. I wanted them to be proud of me, not the Mr Blobby I had turned in to. I also realised that, although my husband loved me and always will, I felt that he would prefer me If I was slimmer.

“Most importantly, my main reason for wanting to lose weight was to reduce my chances of the cancer recurring. I just wanted to protect myself and make sure I did everything I could to prevent the cancer from coming back by living a healthy lifestyle.

“I started on Step 1b and worked my way up the Steps. I found Step 3 the easiest and it suited my lifestyle better.

“Before I lost weight, I would never wear long trousers and they made me feel fat and frumpy but now I can wear them with confidence. I now exercise every day and really enjoy it. I ran a 5K for Race for Life in February 2016 and participated in a 1K outdoor swim to raise money for Cancer Research. Both the run and the swim were challenging but I trained with family and friends which made it fun. My daughter ran the Race for Life with me which allowed us to bond and has brought us even closer together.

“By losing weight with CWP, I have gained a full understanding of portion control and healthy food choices. Not only have I changed my own life, I have also changed my family’s as they have all improved their diets and lifestyle as well.

“I feel like I’ve gone from Mrs Blobby to Jessica Rabbit (but without the boobs!)

Rate: 10 months *The weight lost and/or timeframes are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique to them.

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