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Have you tried our lower calorie range?

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

You will see fantastic results on our Total Diet Replacement (TDR) Step, and with the personal support from your Consultant, you can reach your weight-loss target quickly!

Have you got an event coming up that you want to lose weight for? Do you need a kick-start to your weight loss? Or do you just want to shift that last stubborn few pounds? Well, the TDR Step could be perfect you!

On the TDR Step, you will replace all of your everyday food with three or four delicious tasting products from a dedicated range of around 150kcal each. When you combine this with the one-to-one support from your Consultant, you can be sure that you will reach your weight-loss goal!

Once you are ready, you can then move on to the other Steps, gradually re-introducing food on the way to long-term weight maintenance.

What’s in the TDR range?

There are eight delicious products, each around 150kcal.

Shakes: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry flavours Soup: Chicken & Mushroom flavour Porridge: Porridge Original Bar: Lemon Yoghurt Bar

What are you waiting for? You can do this! Contact us today.

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