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Christmas is over, 5 easy steps to get back on track.

Hope everyone had a lovely Happy Christmas!!! Now that Christmas overindulgence is over, here's 5 easy steps to get back on track and work on the excess fat.

1. Drink water - ensure you have the >2.25L water per day. If you are drinking alcohol for New Year celebration, have a glass of water between drinks. This way, it will minimize the hangover by remaining hydrated.

2. Plan your routine - Routine helps you stick to the plan - don't miss meals and stick to regular mealtimes.

3. Appreciate the surroundings - take a 10-20 min walk around the block and smell the flowers.

4. Clear all the excess treats and food - invite friends over to finish off the food or re-gift the chocolates.

5. Back on track with Cambridge Weight Plan - put your order through and get back on track with Cambridge Weight Plan.

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