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How to winter proof your skin

It’s the same every year, the temperature drops, the heating gets cranked up and our skin starts cracking and flaking. Sound familiar? The temperature changes from the cold outdoors to warmth inside doesn’t help, but central heating and dehydration are usually the main culprits. But before you turn down the thermostat and start wearing your scarf and gloves indoors, follow our top tips below to winter proof your skin.

Diet & Exercise

It should go without saying that the better your diet and lifestyle the better the condition of your skin. Luckily your Cambridge Weight Plan products each provide 33% of your RDA of vitamins and minerals which could help your skin. Getting some exercise will also boost your circulation and help keep your skin healthy. Why not go for a nice wintery walk?

Treat yourself

Now is a great time to pamper your skin a little, whether you book yourself in for a facial at your local salon or save your money and have a spa day at home with our homemade exfoliation and face mask recipes, your face will really thank you for it. Your lips will be the first things to crack so make sure to treat them to a gentle scrub (or rub away dead skin with an old toothbrush) and plenty of lip salve.

Water, water, water

It’s always important to stay hydrated, especially when following Cambridge Weight Plan. As well as all the health benefits it brings to your insides, being hydrated can also help you look healthier and more radiant on the outside.

Body brush & moisturise

Head to toe, every day. Working your skin with a natural bristle body brush will not only help improve skin tone and the appearance of cellulite but it will also exfoliate and keep dry skin at bay. Smother your skin in your favourite body lotion afterwards (our favourite is simple, natural coconut oil). Complete this routine every day and you may never suffer the dreaded winter skin again!

Do you have any other winter skin tips? We’d love to hear!

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