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Awesome product hack three out of three – if you’ve missed our other Water Flavouring inspired recipes don’t fear, you can click back here for our tasty trifle and jazzy jelly.

Last but by no means least, we bring you your new summertime staple. We know the weather has been teasing us since we hit spring bouncing between bouts of glorious sunshine and chillier days that make you wonder if you’ve accidentally slept through summer and awoken in winter again (why were we so quick to pack away our winter coats? Brr!)

… But, we’re remaining quietly optimistic that sunnier days are coming and we’ll be whipping up 100 batches of this recipe to keep us cool through this British summertime (or else we’ll be cranking up the heating, sticking on a swimming costume, getting out an ice lolly and pretending!)

Freezing Amazing Lollies:

1. Make up 1 litre each of Orange, Lemon & Lime and Raspberry & Elderflower Water Flavouring.

2. Pour into lolly moulds (or shot glasses with lolly sticks!)

3. Freeze

4. Lick!

If you’re feeling extra creative and inspired by all the layering from our previous jellies you could make yourself up some yummy rainbow lollies. Start with a little Orange in the bottom of the mould and freeze, top up with Rapsberry & Elderflower, pop the stick in and freeze, finish off with a layer of Lemon & Lime. YUM!

You can also make jelly using the water flavouring and the mix-a-mousse - another amazing summer treat!

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