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Sybrand Styen

Total weight lost: 92kg

In 2011, I lost my son in an accident and in the same year, my granddaughter passed away, aged just 1 year and 3 months. I was absolutely devastated and it almost killed me. I experienced too much stress and sadness and developed depression.


I also developed heart problems because of the stress and was confined to a wheelchair for almost two years. My body started to retain a lot of water and I put on weight. I visited lots of doctors and they struggled to explain my weight gain. Eventually, I found a doctor in South Africa who discovered my heart problem. Thankfully I got the medical attention I needed and got my heart problems under control. If I’d left it for one more week I would have been dead.

By this time I weighed 186kg. Every time I tried to lose weight, I failed and I was very discouraged by it. In February 2015 I returned to Ireland. I tried to lose weight with tablets and products from the pharmacy and health shops but nothing worked for me.


In October 2016 I heard of Cambridge Weight Plan from my friend. Weighing 164kg, I thought I would give it one more go.


I had my first appointment with my Consultant, Joanna. She gave me so much motivation to lose weight and to change my life. I started on Plan and could immediately feel it working. I had more energy and could see the weight disappear. I couldn’t wait for my weigh-ins every weekend to see how much I’d lost. Joanna prepared meals for me and taught me how to eat healthily.


I’ve lost a total of 92kg so far. I’m half the man I used to be and I feel 20 years younger.


With my new found confidence I decided to look up my first girlfriend Linda. She was the love of my life when we were 14 and I’d never forgotten her. We got back in touch and I’m delighted to say that I asked Linda to marry me and she said YES! 


Thank you so much to Joanna and to Cambridge Weight Plan for giving me back my life and a wonderful future to look forward to.


*The weight lost and/or timeframes are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique to them.

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