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WINNER Slimmer of the year 2018

Pippa Chard

WINNER, Slimmer of the Year New Zealand


Starting weight: 105.4kg

Final weight: 81.9kg

Total lost: 23.5kg

Age: 47

Consultant: Dr Lalita Jefferies




I am 47 and have struggled with my weight as far back as

I can remember. Once I hit my 40's, my increasing kilos

seem to stick like glue.  I was a serial dieter, failing more

than I was succeeding.

In July 2016, my amazing partner & soul mate, was killed

in an horrific car accident and my world crashed.  I was

overwhelmed with a grief so dark, so painful.  I would drink

simply to numb the pain, and comfort eat as making anything

was too hard.  The next year I simply existed as best I could,

slowly my diet and health were taking it's toll with my mental

health starting to join in the fight.  When I'm overweight, my

head becomes consumed with negativity & self loathing.

In November 2017, I was at work, and Lalita, a GP at my work

and a CWP Consultant, was cleaning out her room in

preparation for something exciting she was about to undertake.

We talked about CWP  I was intrigued and asked if I could be her "Guinea Pig". 


I was desperately struggling but also felt mentally ready to commit to something.  And to have someone that I would have to be "accountable" to every week, and moreso someone that I worked with, was what I needed.  We went over the plan and how it worked and  I was suddenly excited.  I quietly went about achieving the small goals we set, saying nothing to anyone - somewhat through embarassment, but also because I didn't want judgement.  If I failed then no one would know. 


Slowly my weight started to drop, sometimes by the kilo, sometimes by the grams, and I was starting to feel good..  Clothes were more comfortable, my energy levels started to improve, my head was clearing and I felt, for the first time since John died, I had a purpose to my day. 


Before I started on the CWP, I had managed to lose 6.5kg and with Lalita's support and my own stealy determination, I have managed to lose another 17kg.  While that's not massive compared to some of the incredible weight loss stories I have read and been inspired by through CWP - losing those 17kg has been like climbing my own Everest.  Today my confidence is back and shining, my energy levels are high and my smile is real!!



For how long have you been overweight? And how has it impacted your life?


Most of my life has been a constant battle with weight and body image.  I was a chubby child, an overweight adolescent and that continued into adulthood.  I have never been totally comfortable in my skin, always feeling “fat” and having such a negative thought pattern of how I think the world looks at and sees me.  This has often been very consuming mentally.  I wouldn’t go out, would wear frumpy clothes to hide my size and just feel totally uneasy with my body perception



Had you tried any weight loss methods before?


EVERYTHING!!!  Any diet or fad eating plan – I’ve done it!!  Weight Watchers, 5:2 (which I did actually enjoy), The “Heart Foundation Diet”, The Military Diet, The Leek Soup diet, The Grapefruit diet…



What led you to choose Cambridge Weight Plan?


I was sinking emotionally and feeling incredibly down about myself and very negative in my thoughts on how I felt and looked.  My grief was winning a very big battle and it was demoralizing and gut wrenching.  Life really was just getting to hard and I literally felt like a massive weight was consuming me. 

I also had my Nieces wedding coming up and was not looking forward to any photos of me being taken.  I really wanted to feel amazing for that.



What was different about Cambridge Weight Plan compared to other weight loss options you have tried?


Lalita my consultant is nothing short of amazing and beautiful.  She has been my rock, delighting in my weight loss, encouraging me when I felt I hadn't achieved what I wanted and supporting me on every level.  I owe this success to her.  She is just fantastic!!!

And the products were easy to work with, easy to build into my day, and actually delicious!!!
And if I have a “party weekend”or go on holiday, they’re easily packed in to my suitcase, or I go back on them for a week or so when I get back and I can easily lose the couple of kg’s I may have put on.



How did being overweight impact your life?


Being overweight utterly consumed me.  I would never stop thinking about how I looked, about how I thought people perceived me, about what I thought they would be thinking.  I would always be looking in shop windows and see such a horrible reflection. 

Getting dressed was a nightmare and I would beat myself up emotionally constantly. I never bought clothes I loved, I bought clothes that hid how I was feeling about myself – the bigger the better…

I didn’t like going out, but I would, and when I did, my head was head was constantly thinking about what everyone might be saying about how big I was…

Being overweight was bigger than being me.



Did you suffer any of health issues due to your weight, that have been significantly improved since losing the weight?


I had a huge lack of energy and being very unfit!!! Walking up the slightest incline was taxing and embarrassing!! This has now improved significantly – now I wake and can’t wait to go walking, sometimes twice a day and just enjoy being on me feet more.  Everything is just so much more comfortable.



Have any of these problems now been overcome?


I am feeling hugely confident now.  I wear clothes that I absolutely love. 

I hold my head high and walk with a swagger and a sashay!!

I don’t look at myself in shop windows and hate what I see now.

I believe in myself and actually like myself now. 

I go out and love life.

I feel that I am totally worthy now.



Have any of your friends/family members decided to lose weight with Cambridge Weight Plan since seeing your weight loss success?

I work in a GP Practice as a Practice Nurse and my colleagues have all noticed my weight loss.  This has enabled them to refer their own patients to the program and to Lalita for help and support for their weight loss journey, knowing it works.  It's been a real priviledge to help and encourage others new to CWP to be the best version of themselves too and to hopefully use my journey to inspire them.


Finally something that works!!!  CWP has changed my life beyond words and I will never be able to thank Lalita enough for everything she has done to support and encourage me.

It’s an easy product to use and enjoy, it’s tasty, transportable and doesn’t taste like a diet product. 

It has given me back my confidence, my love of life, my vitality, and I am someone I am now very proud to be.  And the grief that consumed me so deeply is now just an ache, that I accept will be a part of my life and this new confidence is absolutely helping to make that more bearable. 
I can truly feel that I can be genuinely happy again, something I felt I had lost through grief.  I am excited for this "new life" and to be the very best version of me.  2016 Caterpillar, 2017 Cocoon, 2018 Butterfly.  Thank you.

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