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Nikos Seorizos

Total weight lost: 45kg

When I was in school, my weight was normal for my age and I was always very active. I did sports and martial arts but my real passion was dancing. Ever since I can remember, I’ve done traditional Cretan dancing.


However, as I was preparing for university, high school responsibilities and exam stress meant I was unable to be as active, and I ended up weighing 130kg! All my hard work paid off and I got a place on my preferred course at university. Now I’d done it, I knew I had to dedicate my attention to losing the weight I had gained.

I tried various diets but they were all unsuccessful. They would either not produce any results or I would lose weight and then gain it back. I heard about Cambridge Weight Plan from a friend of my mum who had lost weight on Plan. I called the company’s main office, and booked an appointment with a Consultant, Demis Varvoglis.

At my first appointment, Demis answered all my questions and I started the diet convinced I would succeed. Within the first week I had lost 4kg, which seemed unbelievable.

Following the Plan was not always easy. I was a student and was often going out with my friends, where there were countless temptations. Thankfully, in difficult times I received real support from Demis, and from my friends and family.

I had been told that this diet gives fast results, but I never expected to lose 45kg in 6 months! I can’t describe the feeling I got the first time I danced having lost weight! I was flying both metaphorically and literally, and I could do dance moves that I found impossible in the past! I’ve also been able to return to the gym and start kick boxing, which I love.

My confidence level has skyrocketed! My friends and family are all so happy that I’ve succeeded. Above all, I love the joy I feel when I look at myself in mirror and reflect on where I was and I where I am now!


*The weight lost and/or timeframes are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique to them.

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