Finalists Slimmer of the year 2018


Karen Young

Finalist, Slimmer of the Year New Zealand


Starting weight: 98.80kg

Final weight: 80kg

Total lost: 18.8kg

Age: 51

Consultant: Dr Lalita Jefferies 



I am 51 and have 2 boys aged 11 and 9.Married to Simon for 19 years I have been over weight for many years I have tried many programs, but have put it back on.

I was depressed and I wouldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I went my doctor and cried about my weight and she suggested making an appointment to see Lalita and haven’t looked back. I’ve changed I’m happier within myself

I am a gardener and have struggled with my joints getting up and down and fitting into tight spaces. Since losing my weight my job is so much easier I can move around without ache and pains

I started in February and saw results straight away. I was so inspired I kept at Cambridge weight loss plan, and have lost over 20 kilos



For how long have you been overweight? And how has it impacted your life?


I have been overweight about 4 years. I am a gardener and my job is physical and have struggled to get up at times and to fit into gardens.

I hated getting photos taken of myself



Had you tried any weight loss methods before?


I have tried sure slim I lost a lot of weight and then put it back on and also have tried Dukan lost a lot of weight on that also. I loss weight but I struggle to keep, it off



What led you to choose Cambridge Weight Plan?


I had a checkup with my doctor and mentioned it to her that I was unhappy with my weight and she suggested making an appointment to see Lalita. I was aware that I was struggling to get up and felt really fat and I was very unhappy with how I looked.



What was different about Cambridge Weight Plan compared to other weight loss options you have tried?


It has been  easy and I have found the whole process easy to do. I am very committed to losing  my weight. Lalita has been very supportive and very encouraging.  The products have been surprising filling  and really yummy



How did being overweight impact your life?


I was unhappy and at times I struggled to get out of bed. I had a lot of aches and pains I used to get my boys to help me get off the couch as I struggled to get up by myself. I was also injuring myself a lot, with back strains.

My husband loves me however I look but in myself I didn’t feel attractive I felt fat and  I was unhappy.



Did you suffer any of health issues due to your weight, that have been significantly improved since losing the weight?


I used to struggle with back pain my boys used to help me get up off the couch, since I have lost my weight I am in no pain and bound out of bed and feel happy within myself. I find work a lot easier to do, bending and fitting into spaces is a lot easier



Have any of these problems now been overcome?


I am finding I am in less pain and I bend and move a lot easier



Have any of your friends/family members decided to lose weight with Cambridge Weight Plan since seeing your weight loss success?


No but people have been asking what I have been doing and have given Lalitas email out to a few people




I have found the Cambridge weight loss plan easy and have enjoyed the transformation within myself and the way I am feeling about myself. I would recommend the Cambridge weight loss plan as I have found it really easy and I saw results after 1 week and thought wow how easy is this. I was so committed to losing my weight and I had the results to prove it​