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International Slimmers of the year 2018



Sarah Schmeider

Total weight lost: 71.1kg
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Sarahs story

At 136.5 kilos, I was literally and figuratively weighed down and I had given up hope. To my friends, family and even strangers, I came across as a confident and happy person but I would avoid social events, particularly if someone who I haven’t seen in a while was going to be there.


I didn’t want them to look at me and just think “Oh, gee, she has put on weight”. I had so many Mondays where I started my diet and gave up by lunchtime, then punishing myself with guilt.

After getting married to the love of my life, I quickly piled on weight and was the biggest I had ever been. I was stuck in an endless cycle of binge eating. I had no confidence and no self-love. I am a music teacher, and when a student called me,‘Mrs Fat‘ I knew something had to change, I just didn’t know how?

A couple of months before my 30th birthday I fell pregnant and miscarried. I blamed myself. I felt that losing the baby was my fault and being overweight had caused it. This was the catalyst; the real reason I started my weight loss journey.

I visited a friend who was doing Cambridge Weight Plan she had already lost 20-25 kgs (yes, I was jealous!) but I finally had hope, I couldn’t contact a Consultant soon enough. My Consultant, Catherine made the difference to other diets. She supported, encouraged and motivated me (even a kick up the butt when required!)

I have lost 71.1kg and I honestly don’t know what would of happened if I didn’t find Cambridge Weight Plan. I have realised that who I am now, is who I was always meant to be. Whilst winning Australian Slimmer of the Year was a real honour, the real reward for me has been losing the weight and getting my health back.

I recently started to feel lethargic and I had a thought in the back of my mind that there could be a possibility I was pregnant. But I thought that was completely crazy. It turns out that I was right, I am pregnant. Our Cambridge baby is due in April 2019!

The day I told my husband that we are pregnant was one of the happiest days of my life. We are both so ecstatic and excited about the future now and what this new life is going to bring.

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