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International Slimmers of the year 2018

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Sanna Vauras-Mikkola

Total weight lost: 41kg
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Sanna's Story 


I am a 52-year-old mother of two boys. I have been gaining and losing weight, most of my adult life. In twenty years, the excess weight had increased by about 40 kg. I felt uncomfortable, self-esteem was low and moving around was tricky, because my knees were so worn out.

In June 2012, a good friend of mine, Ritva told me about Cambridge Weight Plan and advised me to go and meet a coach. I started my first journey towards my goal weight, with a Cambridge Consultant. The weight loss went well because of a good Consultant and the right diet, and the Cambridge Weight Plan products were easy to use. I felt more alert and my health improved overall. I was pleased with myself.


However, that summer was very tough, as my beloved mother and my biggest support, passed away. But, I did not give up. I continued with even with more certainty, towards success. I saw my Consultant quite regularly and reached my target weight, losing 36kg, in about a year.


It was the summer of 2013, I was happy with my weight loss, wellbeing, doing things and moving around felt effortless. Unfortunately, I gradually returned to my old, bad eating habits and the weight started to fluctuate again. I had been meeting my Consultant regularly, but as I didn't see the point anymore, I decided to stop.

In the summer of 2014, I started again with a Consultant, who was a new one in the city. Despite of her good support and the product, my weight continued to fluctuate with variable success. Again, I stopped the sessions and fell back into my old habits. In January 2016, I contacted my coach again. I had put on about 20kg and I was feeling very uncomfortable again, as my knees were back in bad shape and I was feeling low.


We started the sessions again and food renovation. The weight started to drop nicely, and I became happier. By the summer of 2016, I had reached my target weight again. I was pleased with myself and I took a break from coaching in July. I continued with good eating habits, and my weight stabilized.


There was a slight rise, about 4kg, and I began to think about contacting my coach again, to have a "quick fix", to be able to maintain my goal weight. It was as if my Consultant had read my thoughts, when she called me in October and asked me to be in the “Ten Off” program. The idea was to lose 10kg in 10 weeks, by following the program. I, of course, was ready to start. 10 weeks went by and I dropped 10.7 kg and reached my new target weight.


I was pleased with myself.

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